The Team

Marca Hagenstad

Executive Producer &
Marca Hagenstad was introduced to the world of independent films in the early 1990s, volunteering for both the Telluride Film and MountainFilm Festivals. She now lives in Colorado’s Front Range where she consults to electric utilities nationwide. A trained scientist with a passion for the arts, Marca worked for two years as project manager for the permitting processes to artists Christo and Jeane-Claude on their forthcoming “Over the River” work of art. This experience taught Marca the tenacity and perseverance required to foster a creative vision from inception to realization. She has studied film at the Documentary Cinema Institute in Denver, and has worked in video production, photography, and music promotion. She created Colfax Productions in 2004. Her passion for filmmaking and New Orleans were able to make “Coals to Newcastle,” her first completed film, possible.

Aaron Dunsay
Co-Director &
Raised in the NYC suburbs of northern New Jersey, Aaron earned a degree in Film Studies from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999. Aaron has been active in film production since returning to New York in 2001. He cut his teeth on independent narratives before learning how to chase a paycheck in the commercial and industrial production worlds to support his independent film making endeavors. In 2006, Aaron was fortunate enough to coordinate an 18-month project with Director Steve James on which he learned many of the finer points of documentary film making. Aaron has recently relocated to New Orleans, where he currently pursues his passions for music and filmmaking.

Corey Drayton

Hailing from The United Kindgom, Corey Drayton trained in cinematography, lighting, editing and film theory at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he studied under Stan Brakhage, Phil Solomon, and Bruce F. Kawin. His other noteworthy credits include: Cinematography for the short-film Break which played in the 2006 Student Films across America Showcase; Lighting the independent Ed Bowes feature film Entanglement; and assistant Editing the Oscar winning film The Cove (Best documentary 2009). He is married to his art, and lives in Colorado.

Gene A. Felice II
Director of Graphics / Web Designer
Gene currently splits his life into three directions:  Art, Design & Education, with music being the glue that holds it all together. In the art world, he calls himself an “Interactive Artist” examining relationships between himself and the outside world. His art is a lens through which he is able to focus and make sense of life’s connections.

Through Design, he has found an outlet for simultaneously sharpening his ability to communicate visually while constantly pounding his way through the walls of the latest technology available. This includes Flash based web design, print, 3D modeling & Rapid Prototyping.

Via the world of Education, he attempts to give back to the greater good while simultaneously dipping into the well of fresh creativity. So far it’s a balancing act that produces a unique and fresh result.

Music is the constant throughout all this. Live music specifically, resets the soul and makes the necessary room for inspiration to enter.  This makes this project especially sweet for Gene, as the New Master Sounds are one of his favorite bands for going out and shaking your talil feather to.  This project is a rare opportunity for combining art, design and music into one, unique experience.

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